Florian Donnerstag – Patch / Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg

(c) Florian Donnerstag

23.03.2024 – 11.05.2024

For his patch series, the Salzburg-born artist uses graphics from an extensive archive of his own analogue and digital drawings, found objects and images generated by Kl. These newly created drawings are collaged onto canvas using an inkjet printer and then onto the paintings.
The images, which can also always be found in the paintings, dissolve into a new, illegible narrative in each individual work. But they also begin to communicate with each other. In this way, they open up a new narrative for the viewer, which is not linear but simultaneous and is read differently through the viewer’s own associations, learnt images and individual biography. The works are created simultaneously and play, among other things, with repetitions and references that arise from work to work. Thursday is primarily concerned with the ambivalence between form and design.

Florian Donnerstag – Patch
23.03.2024 – 11.05.2024
Elektrohalle Rhomberg
Samergasse 28b
5020 Salzburg