Stefanie Schwarzwimmer – Seedless Fruits / Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz

Foto ©: Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Seedless Fruits, 2024

29.03.2024 – 25.04.2024

Tanja speaks English and small talk. Thorsten likes to eat pocket coffee. Tillmann loves team-building events. He recently found one of the three door openers needed to escape from the chamber of horrors while visiting an escape room together. Thorsten makes top tax rate. Tanja makes Veganuary. Tillmann is the first to go.
Seedless Fruits by Linz-born multimedia artist Stefanie Schwarzwimmer is the presentation of a property project that had set itself the goal of becoming a kind of Silicon Valley in Germany, but turned out to be a ruin of the New Economy. It is a bittersweet commentary on neoliberal office worlds, their form of work, speculation and optimism as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Stefanie Schwarzwimmer – Seedless Fruits
29.03.2024 – 25.04.2024
Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein
Ursulinenhof im Kulturquartier
Landstraße 31
4020 Linz