Poetry of the everyday. Photographs by Elfriede Mejchar / Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum, Salzburg

Elfriede Mejchar, aus der Serie „Künstler bei der Arbeit, 1954–1961“, Christa Hauer, Silbergelatineabzug auf Barytpapier, Fotosammlung des Bundes am Museum der Moderne Salzburg

26.04.2024 – 15.09.2024

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is part of a cooperation with the Landesgalerie Niederösterreich and the Wien Museum, which is honouring the artist’s work at three different locations, each with a different focus, to mark her 100th birthday.
With her series of works “Artists at Work” (1954-1961), for example, Mejchar impressively demonstrates how she approaches the artistic personality of Christa Hauer, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Josef Mikl and Arnulf Rainer by precisely mapping the working situation in the studio. With the same precise perception, however, she also encounters the inanimate objects in her surroundings and lends landscapes, flowers and discarded furniture the appearance of animated portraits.
The collection of photographs by Mejchar in the photo collections at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg comprises a total of 665 works.

Poesie des Alltäglichen. Fotografien von Elfriede Mejchar
26.04.2024 – 15.09.2024
Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum
Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9
5020 Salzburg