Gabriela Golder @ Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed / Kunsthaus Graz, Styria

(c) Gabriela Golder, CARTAS / LETTERS, 2018 (Filmstill)

11.05.2024 – 09.06.2024

The basis of Gabriela Golder’s intervention in the exhibition Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed. is based on letters that connect people on two sides of insurmountable walls.
They tell of a life in exile, with persecution and oppression, how to maintain affective bonds, how to carry on, how to share stories of love, fear, pain, death, exile, children and survival. Gabriela Golder concludes the sculptural interventions with the question of memory and connection. A plea for sharing, but also for the preservation of lived and tangible experiences in order to look to the future.
Argentinian artist Gabriela Golder works primarily with experimental video art and audiovisual installation art. Her practice raises questions about memory, identity and labour issues.

Gabriela Golder @ Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed
11.05.2024 – 09.06.2024
Kunsthaus Graz