Michael Ziegler – All Flowers / eborangalerie, Salzburg

o.T. Gouache-Papier,37,5 x 29 cm, Foto © Christian Ecker, 2021

03.05.2024 – 31.05.2024

As a painter, draughtsman and photographer, Michael Ziegler works in series and cycles that are taken up again and again: Landscapes, the still lifes, the reclining figures, the drawings that deal with the art of the past, the series “From You to Me”, which explores the visual worlds of the Middle and Far East. The flower still lifes now form a further group. They will be on display at the Eboran Gallery under the title “All Flowers”.

Michael Ziegler – All Flowers
03.05.2024 – 31.05.2024
Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 38
5020 Salzburg