In Graz gardens and courtyards / Graz Museum, Styria

In Grazer Gärten und Innenhöfen, Illustration (c) Andres Sandoval

11.04.2024 – 08.09.2024

We often do not consciously notice them as we proceed, they are simply there, and yet they make a significant contribution not only to our well-being but also to climate protection: green courtyards and allotment gardens. Front gardens, courtyards, home gardens and community gardens not only provide recreational space, space for growing biodiversity and for new or recurring concepts of urban cultivation; they can have a positive effect on the health and psyche of city dwellers and even influence the choice of means of transport. The relevance of green spaces in urban structures was recognised as industrialisation progressed in the 19th century. In the course of Graz’s urban expansion, green spaces were planned into the urban space. Graz’s front gardens and green inner courtyards were created. These developments still have a positive effect on the city today. As part of the exhibition curated by Catalin Betz, the art installation “Waldboden” by Gabriela Hiti and Helene Thümmel will be shown on the ground floor, inviting visitors to linger and question society’s ideas about nature.

In Graz gardens and courtyards
11.04.2024 – 08.09.2024
Graz Museum
Sackstraße 18
8010 Graz