Photography as a field of tension. 7 Attempts to determine the situation/ Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum, Salzburg

Rudolf Zündel, aus der Serie "Als Tschusch unter Türken", 1977, Silbergelatineabzüge auf Barytpapier, Fotosammlung des Bundes am Museum der Moderne Salzburg, (c) Rudolf Zündel

26.04.2024 – 07.07.2024

The attempt to determine a location usually refers to the definition of the current geographical position of an object or individual. However, determining a location can be far more complex and multi-layered, and include self-reflection on values and one’s current position in life.
The exhibition shows seven artistic explorations of positioning in space and time, which encompass cultural, social, emotional or ideological dimensions as well as geographical ones. They also raise questions about one’s own position in the world and the interactions between individual identity and environment. In this way, the artists reflect on and explore not only the ambivalence of places, but also questions of belonging, globalisation and personal perspective. In a world that is constantly changing and in which identity and social localisation are often called into question, the seven positions offer different approaches with different perspectives on how to deal with this.

Photography as a field of tension. 7 Attempts to determine the situation
26.04.2024 – 07.07.2024
Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum
Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9
5020 Salzburg