Alfred Resch-Díaz: Widerschreibungen / off_gallery & raum, Graz


17.04.2024 – 07.05.2024

Alfred Resch-Díaz’s works often deal with the relationship between artistic and architectural intervention and nature. Widerschreibungen traces the history and context of the landscape keyboard that he installed in the Lechtal mountains in 2002.
The continuity of nature contrasts with the discontinuity of cultural codes, which we encounter on the keyboard as a second nature that is difficult to decipher. How the intervention is interpreted depends on the respective situation. It is given uncontrollable contexts – through interventions by people who have found it, but also through later works by its author and changes in our relationships with nature in the era of the climate crisis.

Alfred Resch-Díaz: Widerschreibungen
17.04.2024 – 07.05.2024
off_gallery / raum
Griesgasse 31 / Griesgasse 26
8020 Graz