Eva Seiler / Galerie allerart, Bludenz, Vorarlberg

Se Kuala © Foto Lena Prehal

14.06.2024 – 28.07.2024

In her sculptures and spatial settings, she questions anthropocentrism and imagines how the coexistence of human and non-human animals, the environment and technology will be realised in the future. In the process, the boundaries between human and non-human animals become fragile, even absurd, even if one considers how we share viruses, bacteria, habitats and habits and shape each other. In keeping with the hybrid modes of relationship, Eva Seiler uses both organic materials and industrially produced substances for her objects.

Eva Seiler
14.06.2024 – 28.07.2024
Galerie allerart
Am Raiffeisenplatz 1
6700 Bludenz