Comrade Sun / Kunsthalle Wien

The Otolith Group, In The Year of the Quiet Sun, 2013, Videostill, Courtesy die Künstler*innen, © The Otolith Group

16.05.2024 – 01.09.2024

The essayistic group exhibition is dedicated to artistic works and theories that connect the cosmos and in particular the sun, the most important energy supplier for life on earth, with social and political movements. Against the backdrop of the decentring of man as a historical subject, the question is raised as to what extent not only the environment on earth, but also the universe, is involved in historical processes. Is there, as the Soviet cosmists claimed, a connection between increased solar activity (an increase in sunspots and winds) and terrestrial revolutions? And what speculative, pleasurable considerations can be found in contemporary art and poetry?
The works of international artists focus on the moving image – on cinema, film and video as media of light. But the works in other media also radiate hypnotic, feverish, glowing, threatening affects.

Comrade Sun
16.05.2024 – 01.09.2024
Vienna, Kunsthalle
Museumsplatz 1