With the weapons of art – Gustave-Henri Jossot / KuB – Kunsthaus Bregenz

16 Postkarten von Gustave- Henri Jossot (1866-1951) fotografiert im Rahmen der KUB Günter Brus- Ausstellung

until 20.05.2024

As a supplement to the “Günter Brus” exhibition, the Kunsthaus Bregenz is showing a series of postcards by the French satirist Gustave-Henri Jossot (1866-1951).
The caricatures paint a merciless picture of French society at the turn of the century and are as incisive as the actions and drawings by Günter Brus.
The series of postcards was first published in 1902 as a series of pictures in the magazine “L’Assiette au Beurre”, an illustrated satirical magazine for socialist and anarchist caricatures. By castigating the optimism and self-indulgence of the Belle Époque, Jossot also became a forerunner of Günter Brus and the Viennese Actionists. They worked with their own bodies against the state, church and social institutions in a similarly drastic manner. There are also similarities to the watercolours by Günter Brus, which are on display on the top floor of the Kunsthaus Bregenz. During the coronavirus pandemic, Brus also chose the combination of text and colourful images as well as caricature as a means of making his pithy statements.

With the weapons of art – Gustave-Henri Jossot
until 20.05.2024
KuB – Kunsthaus Bregenz