DESIGNMONAT GRAZ 2024 / Various locations Graz, Styria

Hornig Areal, Foto: © CIS

04.05.2024 – 02.06.2024

The basic idea behind Design Month Graz is to bundle and condense the energy of the local creative industries.
For one month, the city makes itself visible to the outside world and thus makes a central contribution to anchoring the creative industries in people’s consciousness. Designmonat Graz offers innovative projects – whether on an experimental or commercial level – a (time) space and thus raises awareness of the importance of design: it is not about purely decorative embellishment (design as styling), but about economic relevance (design as a development and value creation process) and the transformative power of design in business and society.
Numerous local partners are also involved. The term “Design Month” acts as an umbrella brand and brings together the individual activities under a uniform appearance without jeopardising their independence. Creative Industries Styria coordinates and organizes the Design Month and spans a range of content and programmes from numerous individual initiatives by designers to the major local design training centres and institutions, thereby facilitating synergies and cooperation between the creative industries and “traditional” companies.
This year, Designmonat Graz is focussing on the topic “What now!”
With a clear view of a changing world, Designmonat 2024 is asking its community this one question. The former Hornig Areal in Waagner-Biro-Straße will serve as the festival centre, and the motto of the hour is “Potential kills dystopia!”.
What was previously empty will be filled with life for a month, playing with the allure of transience: as the designated new festival centre, the abandoned industrial site will become a vibrant marketplace and hub for ideas. The main exhibition “What now!?” sets the tone and presents 30 visionary solutions for domains such as industry, mobility, food, housing and architecture that could pave the way for a more sustainable future. Installations, presentations and workshops in the factory chic of the former coffee production facility also visualise and discuss how things could be done differently – always with an interdisciplinary perspective and in search of potential.

Various locations Graz
04.05.2024 – 02.06.2024