Jongsuk Yoon Kumgangsan / mumok, Vienna

Jongsuk Yoon vor dem Wandbild Sun and Moon, 2020 Photo: Kalle Sanner, © Nordiska Akvarellmuseet Courtesy the artist and Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Wien

07.06.2024 – 15.08.2024

South Korean-born artist Jongsuk Yoon presents a newly conceived mural for the museum foyer to mark the reopening of the mumok. Following the photo-based installations by Cindy Sherman, Louise Lawler and Jeff Wall, it was Siegfried Zaworka who most recently explored the illusionistic potential of painting in his mural. Jongsuk Yoon now responds to the challenge of the monumental format with floating, entirely anti-monumental and anti-heroic landscape paintings.
The title Kumgangsan (“Diamond Mountain”) is not only a reminder that Korean cultural and intellectual history is decisively characterized by the relationship to the largely mountainous nature, but also has an eminently political dimension. Kumgangsan is a picturesque approach to a mountainous region that Yoon himself has never set foot on: since 1945, it has formed the arbitrary dividing line and visible border between North and South Korea and as such is a symbol of an unresolved conflict of global politics and its political and cultural history and its traumatising consequences.

Jongsuk Yoon Kumgangsan
07.06.2024 – 15.08.2024
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna