Aldo Giannotti: HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS / Kunstforum Wien, Vienna

Aldo Giannotti © Aldo GiannottiBildrecht, Wien

12.06.2024 – 30.06.2024

HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS – the name says it all. The performative exhibition project, developed by artist Aldo Giannotti together with choreographer Karin Pauer and curator Lisa Ortner-Kreil, transforms the exhibition space into a construction site, both literally and metaphorically. For three weeks, 19 days, the project explores the dynamic relationships between spatial configurations and human behavioural patterns based on Giannotti’s unmistakable style: drawings that represent instructions for action and are examined for their practical and conceptual potential.
At the centre of HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS is an in-depth investigation into the function of exhibition spaces in the contemporary art world, which are used here as arenas for human interaction and new forms of community. Every day, Giannotti stages one of 19 process-orientated interventions in the main space of the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien as part of NINETEEN MUSEUMS.

12.06.2024 – 30.06.2024
Kunstforum Wien
Freyung 8
1010 Vienna