Salzburg Literature Festival 2024 / various locations, Salzburg

PK Literaturfest 2024, Foto © Erika Mayer

22.05.2024 – 26.05.2024

Literature can sharpen our view of the present and the past uniquely and open up new perspectives on the most diverse realities of life. Over five days, the Salzburg Literature Festival once again offers a top-class programme with inspiring readings and discussions.
A special focus of this year’s literature festival is on being a woman* – and the dark side of it. This topic will be addressed by Valery Tscheplanowa on the opening evening. Rosa Pock and Antonio Fian will also be reading at the opening on Wednesday.
Georg Büchner Prize winner Terézia Mora tells of toxic love in her novel Muna or Half of Life; Eva Reisinger and Christina Clemm discuss patriarchal violence and possible ways out. The novels by Yael Inokai and Gudrun Seidenauer show how diverse female self-empowerment can be portrayed.
In the new format Twinni – Texts to Share, Birgit Birnbacher, Gudrun Seidenauer, Yael Inokai and Mariann Bühler draw attention to those whose texts stand outside the limelight. As many female authors have been unjustly forgotten, the aim is to offer the opportunity to rediscover them.
Taking his cue from the great European Stefan Zweig, Robert Menasse approaches the world of tomorrow, while Alexandra Schauer wonders why the idea that our society can be shaped has lost its appeal.
The Long Reading Night offers an international panorama: Zoltán Danyi, a member of the Hungarian minority in Serbia, accompanies a man’s self-exploration from the Yugoslav wars to the present day. Jonathan Garfinkel, born in Toronto, takes us on a search for family traces in Georgia in the noughthis. The Long Night of Reading is complemented by the Swiss author Yael Inokai and the social media milieu study by Elias Hirschl – who, together with Christopher Hütmannsberger, brings the evening to a musical close.
With Rosa Pock, Karl-Markus Gauss and Robert Schindel, three renowned figures of contemporary Austrian people in contemporary Austrian literature are celebrating their milestone birthdays this year.
Rosa Pock celebrated her 75th birthday in April – quotes from her have been displayed in the city’s shop windows for several weeks now. She will be reading from her complete works at the opening.
To mark his 70th birthday, Karl-Markus Gauss will be leading a literary walk through his very personal Salzburg, starting at the Aiglhof.
Robert Schindel celebrated his 80th birthday – also in April. At the poetry matinée, he reads from his long-awaited volume of poetry Flussgang.
This year also marks the 75th anniversary of Bertolt Brecht’s time in Salzburg. With this pupils from the St. Ursula grammar school have explored this creatively and performatively and present their results at the festival centre.

Salzburg Literature Festival 2024
22.05.2024 – 26.05.2024
Salzburg, various locations