Anouk Tschanz – Actinism / Camera Austria, Graz

© Anouk Tschanz, Stein, 2024.

08.06.2024 – 18.08.2024

Anouk Tschanz has been using analogue black and white photography as a means of artistic expression for many years. The possibility of influencing the images taken during film development and enlargement in the darkroom plays a decisive role for her. Here she produces her hand prints using elaborate processes such as split-grade filtering, masking, post-exposure or dodging.
In the Camera Austria exhibition space, the first thing you encounter is a series of sunflowers (2023).
The series Stones (2024) was newly created for the exhibition. These are black and white photographs of quartz crystals against a black background, taken in the studio.
This observation leads to the Leaves series (since 2019) – framed individual images hung in a long row in slightly varying formats. Tschanz has photographed each leaf where it grows or is cultivated: on the roadside in the cities where she has lived, while travelling through Europe, in remote meadows in the Alps. She took one in Graz last year. Depending on the subject, she photographs with an analogue 35 mm, medium format or large format camera. The lighting conditions at the time the picture was taken are one of the decisive factors in her decision. The prints are at the centre of the exhibition Actinism.

Anouk Tschanz – Actinism
08.06.2024 – 18.08.2024
Camera Austria
Lendkai 2
8020 Graz