Wunderkammer / Künstlerhaus Vienna

Johannes Rass, Animal on Stage / Cervus Elaphus, 2023 Mixed Media, Performance, Fotografie, 200 x 180 cm (Detail) Foto © Roland Zygmunt

28.06.2024 – 13.10.2024

The 2024 members’ exhibition is inspired by historical chambers of art and wonders and explores the question of what still amazes us today.
Contemporary art in particular is often criticised for being aloof, elitist and incomprehensible; however, art has never been as diverse in its media, themes and forms of expression as it is in our multimedia present. The exhibition curated by Günther Oberhollenzer is an appealing opportunity to take a particularly broad and in-depth look at the diversity of artistic expression.
The chambers of art and curiosities of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance were encyclopaedic universal collections of princes and wealthy citizens who sought to capture all the knowledge of their time. However, the intention was also to document the diversity of nature and our world. Above all, the unique and rare, the extraordinary and outstanding, but also the rare, strange and curious were considered worth showing. The aim was to evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer. Just like in the exhibition at the Künstlerhaus.
ARTISTS: Fritz Bergler, Michaela Bruckmüller, Małgorzata Bujnicka, Theres Cassini, Daniela Brill Estrada, Mela Diamant, Karin Frank, Sonia Gansterer, Anne Glassner, Grey Time (Jeremias Altmann und Andreas Tanzer), Uta Heinecke, Jochen Höller, Irene Hopfgartner, Luisa Hübner, Alexandra Kontriner, Annamaria Kowalsky, Martin Krammer, Georg Lebzelter, Henriette Leinfellner, Larissa Leverenz, Franziska Maderthaner, Sissa Micheli, Oleg & Ludmilla, Darina Peeva, Karin Maria Pfeifer, Viktoria Popova, Helmut Pokornig, Johannes Rass, Adele Razkövi, Petra Richar, Rosa Roedelius, Ramona Schnekenburger, Ellie Schnitzer, Marielis Seyler, Jing Song, Maria Temnitschka, Isolde Tomann, Linde Waber, Mario Wesecky

28.06.2024 – 13.10.2024
Künstlerhaus Vienna
Karlsplatz 5
1010 Vienna