BEST OF AUSTRIAN DESIGN 2024 / Designforum, Vienna

Schlaf Gut Stubenwiege, Foto © Michael Geser

until 07.07.2024

The State Prize for Design is awarded every two years by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs. In the 50th edition, a jury of experts selected 35 innovative and future-orientated projects in the categories Consumer Goods, Capital Goods, Interior Product Design, Spaces & Environment and DesignImpact-Concepts from a total of 218 submissions. The common denominator is groundbreaking progressiveness, social relevance and sustainability as key issues of our time. The exhibition presents the award-winning projects that offer added value in both social and ecological terms.

State Prize Winner 2024
Category Consumer Goods: “Skeo Up Daily Assist I Arm Prosthesis”, Design: Reinold Durstberger, David Raß, Client and manufacturer: Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH
Category Capital Goods: “DRILL-X I Drill Extinguisher”, Design: Gerald Fasching, Client and manufacturer: SYNEX TECH GmbH
Interior product design category: “Schlaf Gut I Stubenwiege”, design: Designreserve GbR, Georg Milde & Johanna Oberneder, client: Jodok Felder, manufacturer: Tischlerei Geser & Mohr Polster

until 07.07.2024
Designforum Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien