Mapping the 60s – art stories from the mumok collections / mumok, Vienna

Beglühte Sicherheit, 1965 170 cm x 140 cm x 1.8 cm Eitempera auf Leinwand mumok - Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Leihgabe der Österreichischen Ludwig-Stiftung © Sine Hansen

05.07.2024 – 01.02.2025

The 1960s continue to shape society today; Black Lives Matter or #MeToo, for example, are based on the anti-racist and feminist upheavals of the time, and the current discussions about war, mediatisation and mechanisation, consumerism and capitalism are no different.
The developments of the 1960s in general and the events around 1968 in particular are not only paradigmatic in social and political terms, they are also of central importance in terms of cultural policy. The Museum of the 20th Century was founded in Vienna in 1962 as the forerunner of the mumok, whose collection focuses on the artistic movements of the 1960s – Pop Art, Nouveau Réalisme, Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, Performance Art, Conceptual Art and Minimal Art.
Mapping the 60s attempts a selective cartography of the 1960s: away from a linear model of history and towards a concentration on specific discursive nodes and networks of relationships. The result is a deliberately fragmentary presentation of historical regularities, interdependencies and connections between individual events, artists and works.
Pioneering exhibition projects and publications (magazines, catalogues and documentation material) from the 1960s serve as the starting point for the presentation of works from the mumok collection – supplemented by permanent loans from the Austrian Ludwig Foundation.

Mapping the 60s – art stories from the mumok collections
05.07.2024 – 01.02.2025
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna