GENERATOR #2: Paula Strunden. Infra-thin Magick / Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

Paula Strunden, Infra-thin Magick, 2023, ETH Zürich © Sereine Fritsche

28.06.2024 — 15.09.2024

With the extended reality installation Infra-thin Magick, Paula Strunden guides visitors through practices comparable to a rite of passage into a fantastic and surreal world between physical and virtual reality.
The immersive experience allows visitors to interact with a series of hybrid objects – the so-called Infra-thin instruments. These objects can and should be touched in real space, but can only be fully seen and grasped in digital space. They thus serve as mediators between haptic and visual perception, between reality and imagination. The term ‘infra-thin’ was coined by Marcel Duchamp. It comes from an unpublished 46-page manuscript in which he explored the scientifically undetectable, fleeting interval between two things and objects.
In the XR installation, these things are used to make it possible to experience the inexplicable intermediate space, the invisible layers between physical and virtual reality, and to encourage visitors to reflect more deeply on their spatial perception.

GENERATOR #2: Paula Strunden. Infra-thin Magick
28.06.2024 — 15.09.2024
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Mönchsberg 32
5020 Salzburg