Karl Kriebel | ONLY… / Bildraum Bodensee, Vorarlberg

© Karl Kriebel

28.06.2024 – 03.09.2024

The possibilities of suggesting spatiality are the field of experimentation of the Vienna-born artist Karl Kriebel. His works sometimes seem like a laboratory of imaginary spatial situations that rely heavily on the viewer’s imagination through the ambivalence of real flatness and the projective spatiality of the line formations. He proceeds intuitively, building spaces stroke by stroke, one surface demanding the next or painting away or over. It is not the idea of a concrete space that stands at the beginning of his works, but rather his interest in line and stroke structures in the surface. His mixed media works in particular, where Kriebel reworks photographs of real spaces with drawing and collage, create a certain irritation in the viewer through fragmentation and deconstruction, who can no longer distinguish between the actual space and the space newly constructed by the artist.

Karl Kriebel | ONLY…
28.06.2024 – 03.09.2024
Bildraum Bodensee
Seestraße 5
6900 Bregenz