CREAM DORNBIRN / CampusVäre Dornbirn

Vorarlberger Büsche, © Katrin Hofmannl

29.06.2024 – 30.06.2024

CREAM is the name of Katrin Hofmann’s latest project, in which whipped cream and cherries adorn the logo. The Upper Austrian wants to emphasise that the new events are all about enjoyment. More conscious consumption is important to her. ‘It’s better to buy less, but high-quality and long-lasting’, is Hofmann’s motto. Visitors can shop their way through the selected products, from timeless swimwear to sculptural ceramics, customised shoes and horn combs. The event will be accompanied by an integrated exhibition curated by artist Fritz Hortig and a wine tasting across the Austrian vineyards. Non-alcoholic novelties such as lichen teas and spontaneously fermented beverages can also be sampled.
Some exhibitors will also be offering limited editions that are only available on this weekend.

29.06.2024 – 30.06.2024
Spinnergasse 1
6850 Dornbirn