Pflasterspektakel 2024, various locations, Linz

Pflasterspektakel 2023 © Hermann Erber

18.07.2024 – 20.07.2024

A special magic lies over the city when street artists from all over the world turn Linz’s city centre into a stage at the Pflasterspektakel. The Pflasterspektakel offers the whole variety of street art: acrobatics, juggling, dance, comedy and clowning, pantomime and magic, figure and object theatre, high-wire and fire artistry as well as music of all kinds. With its diverse programme and over 100 solo artists and companies, the Pflasterspektakel is one of the largest street art festivals in Europe.
The performances, which start every hour at around 40 venues in the centre of Linz, are complemented by programme features such as the Kaleidoscope Revue in the spectacle tent or the musical Nightline in city centre pubs. The programme includes over 700 performances on the three festival days from Thursday to Saturday. The concept of spectacle oases, venues in courtyards and special places with seating and a quiet setting for the artistic performances, will be continued. After last year’s successful start, the Donaupark will remain part of the festival area with a spectacle tent, children’s spectacle and spectacle oasis.

Pflasterspektakel 2024
18.07.2024 – 20.07.2024
varios locations, Linz