Eva Grubinger – Pagans & Peacocks / Stadtgalerie Museumspavillon, Salzburg

Untitled (Mandrake), 2024 © Eva Grubinger

27.06.2024 – 18.08.2024

Eva Grubinger’s exhibition Pagans & Peacocks presents a series of sculptures in the former bird house of the Mirabell Gardens that are reminiscent of devices for luring, caging, feeding and breeding birds and wild animals as well as liturgical objects, ritual instruments and even instruments of torture. At the same time, a series of heraldic-looking, two-dimensional works merge iconographies of human, plant and animal life.

Eva Grubinger – Pagans & Peacocks
27.06.2024 – 18.08.2024
Stadtgalerie Museumspavillon
5024 Salzburg