“Museum der Moderne” / Salzburg

Werbung für die Kunst: Roland Goeschls Humanic TV-Spot

07.04. – 24.09.2017; Salzburg.
Museum der Moderne.

The spring exhibition at the Rupertinum is dedicated to the recently deceased Austrian sculptor Roland Goeschl. The curators Barbara Herzog and Marijana Schneider examine Goeschl’s notion of sculpture and focus on his works in public space. The show “Photo Kinetics”, curated by Antonia Lotz, explores the connection between movement, body and light for the first time in a collective Exhibition at Mönchsberg. Kinetic objects, performances and film works meet photographs, photograms, lithographs and drawings.

07.04. – 16.07.2017 Roland Goeschl – Farbraum total
29.04. – 24.09.2017 Foto Kinetik