Filmfestival “/slash 1/2” 2018 / Vienna

GOOD MANNERS - Österreich Premiere beim Festival /Slash 1/2

03.05. – 05.05.2018; Vienna.
Austria’s festival of fantastic cinema. Horror included!

/slash ½ presents with goose bumps and tooth grinding a spine-chilling preview of the big /slash festival for fantastic films in September. /slash is the biggest festival of its sort in Austria. It takes place under the direction of Markus Keuschnigg.

SATAN’S SLAVES – The remake of an Indonesian 80’s horror movie delivers, according to Slash, the most effective shocker of the season!

After /slash 1/2, the ten-day film festival “/slash” starts on September 20. This year’s festival takes place under the motto “In space no one can hear you /slash”.

PREMIKA – Nothing for karaoke phobics: the hotel guests survive only when they hit the right notes.

Filmfestival “/slash einhalb”
03.05. – 05.05.2018
Filmfestival “/slash”
20.09. – 30.09.2018
Various locations