Austrian culture in the world

Austrian Culture in the world


Austrian Cultural Fora

Currently, Austria has a network of 29 Austrian Cultural Fora in Beijing, Belgrade, Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Cairo, Istanbul, Kiev, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, Moscow, New York, New Delhi, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Rome, Teheran, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Warsaw, Washington and Zagreb.

A dense network of representations and specialised institutions is available to disseminate Austrian culture in the world. The Austrian Cultural Fora play a crucial role in putting these into practice.

The Cultural Fora are oriented on the specific needs of its local users and partners and have sole responsibility as to the content of their programmes.


Austria Libraries Abroad

The Austria Libraries Abroad, established since 1989 at currently 63 locations in over 25 countries, most of them in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Region and Central Asia, represent culture and information points of Austria’s international cultural policy.

The Austria Libraries Abroad are operated in partnership with local institutions in the respective host countries (libraries and universities) and are typically set up in cities with no Austrian representation. They offer information about Austrian culture (books, videos, newspapers, periodicals, access to online media) to the scientific community and the general local public and facilitate cooperation with Austrian Cultural Institutions in the respective host country.


Österreich Institut

The “Österreich Institut” provides German language courses and promotes cultural exchange abroad.

In 8 centres throughout Europe and with individual course offers in various countries beyond.

The “Österreich Insitut” offer students the opportunity to study for an ÖSD (Austrian Language Diploma) certificate in a wide variety of courses.


OeAD Österreichischer Austauschdienst / (Austrian Exchange Service)

The OeAD is Austrias central service centre for European and international mobility and cooperation programmes in the fields of education, science and research.

On behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Eduation, OeAD coordinates a wide range of international and European exchange programmes in the field of education and science, such as “Erasmus”, “Erasmus+”, CEEPUS, Sparkling Science and many more. OeAD also coordinates international lecturer programmes for Austrian lecturers at Universities all over the world.


AFC – Austrian Film Commission

The Austrian Film Commission (AFC – Austrian Films) is an organization dedicated to promoting Austrian cinema throughout the world.

Besides a wide range of activities to increase awareness of Austrian filmmaking abroad and to support the positioning and release of Austrian films on the international marketplace, the AFC represents Austrian films at all major festivals and markets – including events at Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, San Sebastián, Rotterdam, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Sarajevo, Copenhague, Amsterdam (IDFA) and Los Angeles (AFM).


MICA – Music Information Centre Austria

mica – music austria is the professional partner for musicians in Austria. The primary goals of mica – music austria are to provide information on the Austrian music scene, to support Austria-based musicians with advice and information, to promote local music at home and abroad, and to improve the conditions for music productions in Austria.

One of the many fields of activity of mica is to promote Austrian music export and to support Austrian talents from various music genres in their career and international activities.


Kulturkontakt Austria

KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) is a European competence and resource centre for the core areas of cultural education with schools in Austria, international educational cooperation, and the Artists in Residence programme for artists from other countries.

KKA is committed to the fundamental principles of educational and cultural policy formulated at European level, namely dealing inclusively with diversity and difference, and lifelong learning.

Based on these principles, KKA devises its activities and programmes with the objective of facilitating equal access to education, culture and the arts. Kulturkontakt Austria entertains a network of cooperation-offices in Eastern and South Eastern Europe for the planning and implementation of systemic education programmes.