Aglaée Degros, University Professor of Urban Planning / TU Graz

Aglaée Degros is head and professor at the institute of Urbanism at TU Graz. She designed numerous public spaces in the Netherlands and her native Belgium. She pays special attention to designing the squares so that they can be actively used and adapted by the people – as an extended living room, so to speak. She prefers a space that gets used, thus is full of live, to a aesthetically beautiful designed one. Graz has many beautiful places, Aglaée Degros finds. She likes to visit the market on Kaiser-Josef-Platz near her apartment. She finds the prevailing informality at the market very pleasant. Degros integrates her interest in the shared use of spaces and places into her everyday life: car-sharing, apartment with common room. Also in place of an own garden, she prefers a green area that she shares with neighbors

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Aglaée Degros

TU Graz