Kinga Toth, Author and Performance Artist / Graz City Writer 2018

The Hungarian writer and performance artist Kinga Toth spends one year as a “city writer” in Graz. On behalf of the Graz Department of Culture’s invitation, she lives in the Cerrini Schlössl on the Schlossberg, a few metres below the clock tower. There she develops her literary and artistic projects. Kinga Toth not only deals with the written, but also with the phonetic and visual text forms and mixes and combines Hungarian with German and English in her works.

The mix of modernity and traditionality in Graz is very interesting for the artist, who also makes noise music. She collects inspiration mainly from the sounds and tones of her surroundings.

Teaching materials for teaching German as a foreign language are available at: Teaching didactics/teaching materials Kinga Toth

Kinga Toth

Stadtschreiberin Graz