“Focus Design II” / Traklhaus, Salzburg

3D gedrucktes “Venus Kleid” von Julia Körner. 2016 Foto: Sophie Kirchner

15.03.2019 – 11.05.2019; Salzburg

“Dirndl-Burka” and 3D-print clothes: On the occasion of the second Salzburg Design Days the Traklhaus sets its sights on fashion and furniture in an international comparison.

Numerous artists from Salzburg present furniture and design objects as well as fashion in comparison with international positions. In addition to role models and classics, the focus is on the works of young, local designers. Exhibited are light and light objects, multifunctional seating made of a variety of materials, as well as unusual carpets.

As part of the second Salzburg Design Days (25.04-27.04.2019), the focus will be on fashion unique pieces by young Salzburg fashion designers: a skirt fresh from the 3D printer or a dress that also serves as a projection surface. Her interpretation of integration is presented by the designer Carla Degenhardt with the “Dirndl Burka”; a garment intended for both women and men. For international comparison, creations by fashion icon Vivienne Westwood are exhibited.

Trakl Haus
15.03.2019 – 11.05.2019
Waagplatz 1A
5020 Salzburg