“POP 1900-2000. Popular music in Styria” / Museum für Geschichte, Graz

14.03.2019-26.01.2020; Graz
Who were the Styrian pop stars of the past century? POP 1900-2000 illuminates the local music scene, its protagonists and the attitude towards life behind.

In times of self-proclaimed Volks Rock ‘n’ Rollers, the question arises which superstars Styrian music had to offer in the last century . The exhibition POP 1900-2000 gives an insight into the entertainment music of that time, covers unknown genres and reminds us of (almost) forgotten things.

The exhibition tells the history of music and media through photographs, film and video recordings. Technical devices and historical artifacts show how time changes. The music and the people who created it tell a piece of everyday history and convey the feeling of life of that time.

The exhibition gives answers to the questions which local musician topped Elvis Presley in the local charts, what the Styrian Woodstock was and which factors of that time perhaps still flow into today’s music scene.
POP 1900-2000.

Populäre Musik in der Steiermark
Museum für Geschichte
Sackstraße 16
8010 Graz