“FMR 19: Art in digital contexts” / Donaulände, Linz

27.03.2019 – 30.03.2019; Linz
LINZ FMR is a biennial format for art in digital contexts and public spaces.

The FMR19 format deals with art in digital contexts and public spaces. Based on the term ephemeral (FMR), exhibitions in public space address the fast-paced nature of the digital age in the slow contemplation of art. The natural and the artificial combine despite the volatility of the digital. The supporting programme includes walks, guided tours, lectures, films, concerts and discussions.

With artworks by Suzanne Treister (UK), Clement Valla (US), Karl Philips (BE), Bernhard Garnicnig (AT) & Jamie Allen (CA), Tomáš Moravec (CZ) & Matej Al-Ali (SK), Thomas Kluckner (AT), Filippo Minelli (IT), Isabella Auer (AT), hybris (GE), Susanna Flock (AT) & Leonhard Müllner (AT), The Cool Couple (IT) and Karin Ferrari (IT)

FMR 19, Art in digital contexts
24.03.2019 – 27.03.2019