“Sylvie Fleury – ÎÔ” / Kunstraum Dornbirn

28.06.2019 – 13.10.2019; Vorarlberg
Artist Sylvie Fleury illustrates the relationships between fashion, power and mass consumption.

The Swiss performance and object artist Sylvie Fleury stages luxury items from our consumer world and places them in new contexts. In her exhibition, she critically examines questions about the power of status symbols, which have meanwhile become fetishes of consumption. Her works are classified between pop art and conceptual art: simply by moving to a museum, she transfers objects from the modern world of goods, such as a gold-plated shopping cart or shopping bags filled with luxury items, to art.

Since the 90’s the artist has been dealing with fashion, glamour and power. With her art, she looks behind the facades of beautiful appearances and questions the standards of value of our consumer society. As a self-confessed “fashion victim”, Fleury does not exclude herself from her criticism.

Born in Switzerland in 1961, the artist lives together with the artist John Armleder in the Villa Magica in Geneva.

Sylvie Fleury
28.06. – 13.10.2019
Kunstraum Dornbirn
Jahngasse 9
6850 Dornbirn