“Privacy Week 2019 – Privat, Oida! Oh, my privacy!” / Volkskundemuseum Wien

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21.10.2019 – 27.10 2019; Wien.
The Privacy Week of the Chaos Computer Club Vienna deals with the relation between Privacy, fundamental Rights and Democraty.

“I’ve got nothing to hide.” Many Internet users don’t really care about the protection of their privacy on the Internet. They agree to the terms and conditions of online service providers without really thinking about them, and accept software providers’ default privacy settings, which often enable total control over the users. This can have far-reaching consequences.

Numerous workshops, talks, discussions and art projects explore the effect that this undermining of privacy on the Internet has on individual users and on democracy as a whole. They also look at ways in which users can protect themselves.

One of the biggest challenges that users from Europe face when it comes to the protection of their private data is how to use US-based services like Google, Facebook or Amazon without becoming a tracking victim of these corporations. US-based internet corporations always think of new ways to evade the European Data Protection Rights, or they just ignore them up to the point when – after lawsuits they have often dragged on for years – they are forced to follow them. In the meantime, they keep doing business with this data. Individual users don’t have any effective means to stop this data trade or even to find out who gets their data. These corporations probably also still use programmes like PRISM to pass on collected data to secret services like the NSA. In her talk “Mission (Im-)Possible – Using US-services in compliance with data protection laws” Natascha Windholz deals with this topic.

During the lecture “Why my data can kill even if I don’t have anything to hide” Katharina Larisch shows how easily collected data can be used and misused.

In their Workshop “Digital Maturity: A Self-Test” Volker Wittpahl and Katharina Larisch invite the participants to find out for themselves how far-reaching the consequences may be for each one of us if we don’t pay attention to protecting our privacy. They do this with a personal risk assessment test. Sebastian Elisa Pfeifer gives hands-on instructions about how to submit a request for information in a way that doesn’t get one sent around in circles but leads to getting the desired results.

An event on the side lines of the Privacy Week is the “Big Brother Awards Ceremony”, which will take place at Rabenhoftheater as part of a gala. During this ceremony companies, public authorities and organisations will be awarded a “Prize” for compromising people’s privacy in a notable way. Last year this “honour” was awarded to Facebook for the incidents surrounding the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, and to Bayer Austria and Philip Morris, amongst others. They were planning to use face scanners in pharmacies and tobacconists to collect data for target audience-based advertising. Following the motto of this year’s Privacy Week the only possible response is: “Oh my privacy!”

Privat, Oida – Die PrivacyWeekWien
21.10.2019 – 27.10.2019
Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15-19
1080 Wien