“Bunny Rogers” / Kunsthaus Bregenz

Bunny Rogers Flames of Hell fan (Red), 2019. Foto: Uli Holz Courtesy of the artist und Société, Berlin © Bunny Rogers

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18.01.2020 – 13.04.2020; Bregenz.
The US-American artist Bunny Rogers opens this years programme at Kunsthaus Bregenz.

The mood of Bunny Rogers’ works is gloomy and melancholy. The installations of the US-American artist are inspired by figures from the internet, TV series or video games and are usually accompanied by poetry and music.

For Kunsthaus Bregenz, Rogers is planning room-sized installations on all four floors. Set pieces and atmosphere are inspired by American funeral ceremonies and include the examination of the rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton in 1999 as a central theme. In one room, lawn is laid out and water from a shower trickles down from the ceiling. The installation is reminiscent of the wet rooms in American schools. Elsewhere, roses cast in concrete can be seen.

Objective art is impossible, says Bunny Rogers. The Texan-born artist operates at the interfaces between sculpture, installation, video, and photography. Rogers lives and works in New York.

Bunny Rogers
18.01. – 13.04.2020
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Postfach 45
6900 Bregenz