“HABITAT” / Traklhaus, Salzburg

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31.01.2020 – 21.03.2020; Salzburg.
Four artists make the influence and the relationship of humans to their environment the subject of this exhibition in the Traklhaus.

The title of the exhibition “Habitat” refers to the living space of people – on the one hand to their homes, on the other hand to their surroundings. Margit Greinöcker, Matthias Klos, Daniel Stempfer and Christina Werner explore the question of the influence and relationship of humans to their environment.

In a photo series, Margit Greinöcker transforms simple packaging material into architecture. Matthias Klos has a very special eye for urban spaces, which also makes “unplaces” appear tidy and aesthetic through the selected detail in his photographs. Daniel Stempfer’s oversized jute peanuts were created during his stay abroad in Japan, and Christina Werner’s installation deals with the dismantling of democracy in Hungary.

31.01.2020 – 21.02.2020
Kunst im Traklhaus
Waagplatz 1a
5020 Salzburg