“90°” / Galerie allerARt, Bludenz

Haase Tina: "Wieviel Farbe kannst Du noch ertragen?", 2017. Foto. Hubert P. Klotzeck

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13.03.2020  – 25.04.2020; Bludenz.
Tina Haase, Gerold Tagwerker and Franz Türtscher as guests in the gallery allerArt.

In 2020, the exhibition programme allerArt will cover a wide range of statements and methods of contemporary art. The German artist Tina Haase will show a selection of her works together with the artists Gerold Tagwerker and Franz Türtscher from Vorarlberg. The exhibition entitled “90°” is an artistic dialogue between image and sculpture, based on a proven design principle with colourful grammar.

13.03.2020 – 25.04.2020
Galerie allerArt
Am Raiffeisenplatz 1
6700 Bludenz