“Elevate Festival – Human Nature” / Graz 2020

Kathrin Henneberger talks about the occupation of the Hambach forest on 7th of March 2020.

04.03.2020 – 08.03.2020; Graz.
About nature and how we get rid of it.

This year’s Elevate focuses on people and their relationship with nature and technological development. In addition to concerts and artistic events, the festival will engage in an exciting discourse on the search for solutions to the climate crisis.

Are we destroying ourselves?

Free admission to over 30 events with more than 40 international guests is a great opportunity to get inspired and gain new knowledge. The opening speech on March 4th will be held by the Brazilian indigenous activist Daiara Tukano. The winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Nnimmo Bassey, will also be present.

“Is self-destruction a part of human nature?” This is the question German philosopher Ariadne von Schirach and psychologist Irina Nails will be exploring on the second day of the festival. In addition, the American filmmaker Douglas Rushkoff will talk with the “Extinction Rebellion” founder, Gail Bradbrook, in a video conference about the future of humanity.

Douglas Rushkoff discusses human self-destruction in a video conference.

Elevate-Friday is devoted to socio-political questions about the relationship between man and the technologies he has created. In addition to performances and panel discussions, there are also debates on the relationship between man and music.

The third day will be devoted to current debates that deal with our future and how they are establishing themselves in society. Among others, activist John Jordan and university professor Ulrich Brand will discuss Fridays for Future and solutions to the climate crisis.

The conclusion of the festival is also a beginning of the debate on methods and strategies that can counteract the climate crisis. The participants, among them bestselling author Norman Ohler, all address essential questions of consciousness, spirituality and possible interrelated strategies to solve the climate and humanity crisis.

Varied sounds instead of insipid monotony

The Canadian Jessy Lanza refreshes with minimalistic synth-pop.

This year, too, the music programme that awaits festival visitors in Graz is colourful and varied. Reggae and dancehall legend David Rodigan will be joined by Danish jazz musician Mia Dyberg. Local DJs such as Attila offer the audience a reason to dance, and with sound artists such as Jan Jelinek, there are other internationally known artists who also illuminate Graz at night.

Experimental, yet familiar

The Elevate Arts program lives up to its name: Jimi Tenor presents “Elevator Music” – specially composed music in the elevator of the Schlossberg. A concert with church bells is also on the lineup. Festival guests can look forward to an experimental and at the same time thought-provoking program made possible by the Europe-wide art production and presentation project Re-Imagine Europe and the Institute for Art in Public Space.

Elevate Festival – Human Nature 2020
04.03.2020 – 08.03.2020
Various locations