“My Darling Quarantine” / Online Short Film Festival

Hitting My Head on the World von Anna Vasof. Einer der ersten Filme, die beim My Darling Quarantine zu sehen sein werden.

starting 16.03.2020

In cooperation with other film festivals and festival programmers from Cannes, Venice, Locarno and Berlin, the VIS Vienna Shorts Film Festival launches the festival everyone is waiting for: “My Darling Quarantine” – An online short film festival. Every week seven short films are shown on the platform Talking Shorts. The festival is intended to be the occasion for a fundraising campaign to help where it is most urgently needed.

My Darling Quarantine was initiated by Enrico Vannucci, Short Film Advisor for the Venice International Film Festival and the Turin Short Film Market. “My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival is an attempt to continue doing what we love to do in the short film world – selecting great short films and presenting them to our audience – while at the same time trying to raise money for various associations that already or soon will need more money to operate and save more lives,” says Vannucci, explaining the vision behind the festival. “We also want to raise money to help all the cultural organizations affected by the situation. “

Every week, from Monday to Sunday, the festival presents a program of seven short films, with the audience being asked to vote for their favorite short film of the week. Among the films shown in the first week of the festival are „Postcards from the End of the World“ by Konstantinos Antonopoulos from 2019, where a Greek family has to find an escape route from a remote island in the Mediterranean Sea when confronted with the unexpected end of the world. The film has been screened at many festivals, including Sarajevo, Tampere and Winterthur, where it won the Audience Award in 2019. Now it will be available online for one week for the first time. Also featured: „Hitting My Head on the World“ by Austrian director Anna Vasof.

The My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival (MDQSFF) has enlisted the help of short film specialists from around the world to propose films with a dystopian theme. Programmers from affected events, such as Short Waves in Poland, provided their expertise. Emilia Mazik from Talking Shorts and Short Waves faces the postponement of her festival as one of the most difficult decisions to make, which will also have financial and structural consequences. “It is really heartbreaking to see events being cancelled or postponed, and with the MDQSFF we wanted to show how the short film world can hold together in times of crisis and at the same time provide entertainment for people all over the world who are stuck at home.“

Viewers are also asked to donate via the GoFundMe site set up by the MDQSFF: https://www.gofundme.com/f/my-darling-quarantine-covid19-fundraiser. The proceeds will be split: 50% will go to Médecins Sans Frontières. The other 50% will be donated to a cause that will help the cultural institutions and professionals concerned, who will have to overcome both organisational and financial hardships in the coming months.

My Darling Quarantine begins on Monday March 16th and will last at least as long as the current situation continues.

Online Short Film Festival
starting 16.03.2020
Talking Shorts: talkingshorts.com