“Mural Harbor 2020” / Linz Harbor

© Christian Boehm

April to October 2020; Linz.
Open-air gallery Mural Harbor: Discover graffiti art on foot.

One of the world’s largest graffiti galleries is located in Linz harbour. The otherwise dreary commercial buildings are brought to life here with over 100 graffiti. Partly colossal works of art adorn the grey walls of the large warehouses and harbour buildings, and new ones are constantly being added. In the unique industrial area atmosphere along the Danube Canal you can also enjoy the artworks of one of the world’s largest open-air galleries on foot. Artists from over 30 nations have already left their mark on the harbour buildings.

The boat tours and workshops as well as the Mural Harbor Party are cancelled, the MAZ Temporary Museum is currently closed.

Mural Harbor
April to October 2020
Linz Harbor