Alois Neuhold “Innergärten und Trotzdemblüten” / Kultum Graz

(c) Kultum / Alois Neuhold "Innergärten und Trotzdemblüten"

18.05. until autumn 2020

In the Kultum an exhibition opens on 18.05. with the title “Innergärten und Trotzdemblüten: Alois Neuhold”. On display will be works by the painter Alois Neuhold, who, in addition to his paintings, has also created an extensive text that deals with the theme of paradise in the broadest sense. “Innergärten und Trotzdemblüten” essentially shows Neuhold’s flower pictures, a motif he has been dealing with in recent years. Neuhold finds inspiration for his pictures in his own garden, which he interprets as a symbol for the daily awakening of new life.

Alois Neuhold „Innergärten und Trotzdemblüten“
18.05. until autumn 2020
Kultum – Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten
Mariahilferplatz 3
8020 Graz