“Breaking Types” / Designforum Steiermark

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Reopening 19.05.2020 until 20.06.2020 

The Designforum Steiermark will open its doors from 19.05., albeit with restricted opening hours. The exhibition entitled “Breaking Types”, which will be hosted there, has been extended until 20.06. The exhibition reflects on “Theuerdank Fraktur”, a typeface designed by Maximilian I (1459-1519) and places it in the context of designed typefaces as a whole. In addition, the exhibition aims in principle to arouse interest in typography and to show interactions with society.

Breaking Types
Reopening 19.05.2020 until 20.06.2020 
Designforum Steiermark 
Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17
8010 Graz