Erwin Wurm “Big” / Kunstraum Dornbirn

(c) "Fat Mini" Erwin Wurm / Kunstraum Dornbirn

From 11.06.2020.

From 11 June 2020, Kunstraum Dornbirn will be presenting sculptures by Erwin Wurm. Under the title “Big” a selection from Wurm’s series of “Fat Sculptures” will be on view. The show will focus on the “Fat House” and “Fat Mini”. Also on display will be a deformed refrigerator entitled “Butter”. Wurm’s well-known ironic approach to fashion items, everyday objects, cars, and even houses is humorous, enigmatic, and sarcastic. Between irony and seriousness, his works hardly leave anyone untouched and offer opportunities for discussion and conversation.

Erwin Wurm „Big“
From 11.06.2020
Kunstraum Dornbirn
Jahngasse 9
6850 Dornbirn