Isabel Lewis, Dirk Bell – Ever/Repair / HALLE FÜR KUNST, Graz, Styria

Isabel Lewis, Total Romance: Partial Repair, 2022 Performance im Rahmen einer Residenz am Schauspiel Leipzig Foto © Roxana Rios

22.06.2024 – 01.09.2024

The HALLE FÜR KUNST is showing the group of works In Repair (2023) as a room-filling arrangement for the first time. In Repair (2023) is a continuation of the spatial strategies and spatial concepts that life partners Bell and Lewis have developed in previous exhibitions and artworks.
Drawing on the allure of the strategies and techniques of ornamentation on baroque theatre stages and their imaginative scenographies, Bell and Lewis have developed a series of painted, movable canvases. Rather than occupying a single privileged viewpoint, these canvases, as paintings that have neither a front nor a back, offer multiple views and constantly play with light, transparency and concealment/rediscovery. These mobile walls are porous membranes that flirt with the architecture and the space, inviting visitors to participate rather than delimiting and segregating them.

Isabel Lewis, Dirk Bell – Ever/Repair
22.06.2024 – 01.09.2024
Burgring 2