“Löcher, die nicht einmal der Schnee zudeckt” / Druckwerk Lustenau, Vorarlberg

(c) Severin Hagen

28.05. until 31.07.2020.

Under the title “Löcher, die nicht einmal der Schnee zudeckt”, the exhibition series “Stage 2” comes to an end: the acquisitions of the collection of contemporary art in Vorarlberg are shown. These were subjected to a new ordering principle and have been shown in five different exhibitions over the last two years, this is the fifth and last one. The concluding fifth chapter – the title is borrowed from a work by Armin Pramstaller – refers on the one hand to what is missing in the collection, what is no longer or not yet available, and to incomplete and incorrectly documented material. On the other hand, empty spaces and holes play a role as themes in art.

Löcher, die nicht einmal der Schnee zudeckt
28.05. until 31.07.2020
Druckwerk Lustenau
Hofsteigstraße 21
6890 Lustenau