Leslie Open Air Kino 2020 / Lesliehof Graz

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05.06. until 26.08.2020.

With only 100 seats, but with table and service, the Leslie Open Air Cinema in Graz will take place this year. The popular Leslie Open Air Cinema also has to bow to the regulations of the pandemic and for this reason reduces the number of seats to a maximum of 100 people. The exact programme will be announced later. Here a litte preview:

05.06. Parasite
06.06. Ich war noch niemals in New York
07.06. Sharkwater Extinction
08.06. Once upon a Time in Hollywood
09.06. Gut gegen Nordwind
10.06. Joker
11.06. Nightlife
12.06. The Gentlemen
13.06. Das perfekte Geheimnis
14.06. Cats
15.06. 1917
16.06. Love Machine
17.06. Doctor Sleeps Erwachen
18.06. A Stor is born OmU
19.06. Knives Out
20.06. Hustlers

Open-Air-Kino im Lesliehof
05.06. until 26.08.2020
Lesliehof Raubergasse 10
8010 Graz