Willi Resetarits & Stubnblues / Arge Kultur Salzburg

(c) pexels

04. and 05.07.2020.

Willi Resetarits will give a concert together with Stubnblues on 04.07.2020 at the Arge Kultur in Salzburg.

Songs from the faculties of Swamp- and Balkan-Pop, Canzone, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Liedermacherei and South Burgenland Folklore will be performed, which have been chosen by the band in order to be newly and permanently introduced to our time. Included are: virtuoso instrumentalists, enchanting choral singing and the formative voice of Willi Resetarits, who contributes his timbre, charged by the history of the ‘Butterflies’ and the ‘Ostbahn Kurti’, to the appropriate song material. In the current programme ARTMANN.SPUREN. there will be clear traces of a new programme that is currently being developed.

Willi Resetarits & Stubnblues
04. and 05.07.2020
Arge Kultur Salzburg
Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5
5020 Salzburg