24. Philosophicum Lech / Lech am Arlberg, Vorarlberg

(c) Florian Lechner

23. – 27.09.2020 

The annual Philosophicum Lech in Lech am Arlberg in Vorarlberg will take place from 23 to 27.09.2020. The motto this year is “As if! The power of fiction”. Of course, the Corona crisis also leaves its mark on the Philosophicum Lech and so the event will take place in a modified setting. Details will follow.

With “As if! Die Kraft der Fiktion” the conference will open up a wide range of topics and discussions, starting with conspiracy theories, media bubbles or even virtual worlds. Renowned speakers from all over the German-speaking world will provide stimulating debates and impulses. “Our world seems to be permeated by the suspicion that a web of fictions, illusions and deception increasingly determines our thoughts and actions, and that reality is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp,” is the diagnosis of the present by Konrad Paul Liessmann, scientific director of the Philosophicum Lech.

The philosophical literary eve, Wednesday, 23.09., will be hosted by Michael Köhlmeier. On 24.09., Ralf Beste, Christian Kern, Alexander Kissler and Beate Meinl-Reisinger will discuss the topic “Pretending. Fictions in politics and society”. The entire program can be found here: www.philosophicum.com/symposium-2020/programm

Philosophicum Lech
23. – 27.09.2020
various locations