Zwischenräume Festival / Salzburg

(c) Niko Zuparic


The Zwischenräume Festival is to take place in Salzburg from 16 to 31.07.2020. On more than 10 days 100 performances will take place with free admission. Well-known Salzburg cultural institutions and artists will be responsible for around 100 planned performances on fixed stages. In addition, spontaneous artistic performances of all genres are to take place in the historic courtyards, squares and alleys.

“The concept of interspaces corresponds exactly to the current zeitgeist – the programme will be flexible, spontaneous and constantly changing. The festival ties in with the current experience of closeness and distance, which challenges us to think of spaces differently, to simply try out new things,” explains artistic director Tina Heine about the art festival. More detailed information on the participating artists is not yet available at the moment.

Zwischenräume Festival