O-Töne Literaturfestival / MQ Wien

(c) O-Töne im Museumsquartier MQ

16.07. – 03.09.2020

The popular literature open air is already entering its 17th round: from 16.07. to 03.09.2020 the reading festival will take place in the Museumsquartier in Vienna. Xaver Bayer and Helena Adler will hold the opening readings. In the following weeks, Valerie Fritsch, Birgit Birnbacher, Josef Haslinger, Hubert Achleitner, Friederike Mayröcker, Lisa Eckhart, Sandra Gugić will be added. In addition, every evening there will be a debut reading by a young talent. On a total of eight Thursdays, a high-quality cross-section of contemporary Austrian literature will be presented, so far the self-description. Seats are chosen by allocation, everything is subject to the applicable regulations.

16.07. Xaver Bayer / Helena Adler
23.07. Valerie Fritsch / Dominik Barta
30.07. Birgit Birnbacher / Gunther Neumann
06.08. Josef Haslinger / Lucia Leidenfrost
13.08. Hubert Achleitner / Benjamin Quaderer
20.08. Friederike Mayröcker / Sebastian Janata
27.08. Lisa Eckhart / Mercedes Spannagel
03.09. Sandra Gugic / Stephan Roiss

O-Töne Literaturfestival
16.07. – 03.09.2020
Museumsquartier MQ
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien